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Tree of Life Pichwai Wood Print Luxury Wall Tiles Set

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  • Limited Edition
  • Cover The Large Area
  • 10 Minutes Easy to Install
  • Each Tile is 11.5 X 11.5 Inches and 5mm Thick
  • Dustproof, Waterproof and Scratchproof
  • Comes with peel and paste world's best double-sided tape.

Tree of Life Pichwai Wood Print Luxury Wall Tiles Set — a captivating and culturally rich collection designed to bring the essence of traditional Indian folk art into your living space. Each tile features intricate Pichwai designs showcasing the symbolic Tree of Life, creating a visually stunning and spiritually meaningful addition to your home decor.

Key Features:

  1. Pichwai Folk Art Inspiration:

    • Immerse your living space in the cultural richness of Pichwai art. Each wall tile draws inspiration from the detailed and symbolic designs of this traditional Indian art form, offering a unique blend of spirituality and artistic expression.
  2. Tree of Life Symbolism:

    • The central motif of the Tree of Life holds deep cultural and spiritual significance. Representing interconnectedness, growth, and abundance, the Tree of Life adds a sacred and meaningful touch to your home.
  3. Wood Print Aesthetic:

    • The wall tiles showcase a wood print aesthetic, bringing warmth and a vintage charm into your living space. The fusion of Pichwai art and wood print creates a distinctive and visually appealing decor ensemble.
  4. Luxurious Set of Tiles:

    • This set comprises multiple tiles, allowing you to create a stunning mosaic on your walls. The luxurious collection is curated to transform your space into an artful sanctuary, echoing the essence of Indian folk traditions.
  5. Intricate Patterns and Colors:

    • The Pichwai designs on each tile showcase intricate patterns, vibrant colors, and meticulous details. Every tile serves as a masterpiece, telling a story and contributing to the overall cultural narrative.
  6. Spiritual Significance:

    • Beyond its visual appeal, the Tree of Life Pichwai wall tiles carry spiritual significance. They serve as a reminder of cultural values and traditions, fostering a sense of connection to Indian spirituality and the cyclical nature of life.
  7. Easy Installation:

    • The wall tiles are designed for easy installation. Arrange them in a pattern or layout that suits your preferences to create a visually striking focal point on your walls.
  8. Versatile Placement:

    • Whether adorning the walls of your living room, bedroom, or any other space, these wall tiles add a touch of luxury and cultural significance. Their versatility allows you to experiment with placement to achieve the desired visual impact.
  9. Durable and Long-Lasting:

    • Crafted with high-quality materials, these wall tiles are durable and built to last. The combination of cultural artistry and durability ensures that your Tree of Life Pichwai-inspired decor remains a timeless and cherished addition to your home.

Transform your living space with the Tree of Life Pichwai Wood Print Luxury Wall Tiles Set. Embrace the beauty of traditional Indian artistry and the spiritual symbolism of the Tree of Life, creating an environment that reflects cultural richness, artistic expression, and a connection to the cycles of life.

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